Friday, 20 April 2007

The Way We Were

Whatever happens this coming Saturday or whatever happens between now and the end of the season it’s worth remembering how far this club has come in recent years. The picture here shows a Valley in ruins and it was taken less than 20 years ago. Think what’s been achieved since then. We’ve got a fantastic club on a sound financial footing with a stadium to be proud of. We’ve spent more time in the Premiership than out of it and these days Charlton is generally thought by many football fans to actually belong in the top flight.
Another nice aspect is the fact that people seem to quite like Charlton. We usually attract a friendly press and a decent respect from neutral fans which is probably due to the way the club has evolved since it’s rescue. It’s been built by sensible, practical people who genuinely love the club, not poseurs and egotists who just want to bask in the glory times.
The worst criticism we seem to attract is that we’re a quiet bunch. If that’s the worst people can level at us, we must have done something right.. (and we can always turn up the volume).
Sure if we loose all those TV millions (and I don’t think we will), it‘ll be a big blow for us. But this is the club that clawed its way back into the top flight when it didn‘t even have its own ground .We will prevail. No doubt about it. Consider the precarious state of many clubs in the Premiership who have massive problems caused by either poor financial management or ridiculous over priced egos or both. Many of these could easily slide down the tables in the next few seasons when their owners get tired or bored or want a new toy.
This won’t happen at Charlton. We’re not like that.
So, mine’s a pint of Reg’s Golden Peculiar on Saturday please….

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Woke Up With Wood

Today the soccer world was reeling at the news of a major defection in the media as soccer “super pundit” Scott Hansen revealed he was quitting his key role in Match of the Day and taking up a new career as movie actor.
In an earlier press release from Scotts agent it was revealed that we will soon be seeing a different side of his character as he takes on the lead role in the new movie remake of “Beneath The Valley of The Mysterons” where he will be playing the role of Captain Scarlet.
In an interview today from his holiday home on Tracy Island, Scott said that he… “felt the time had come to move on….For a while now I’ve become very defensive…and if you make defensive errors you get punished. Recently I’ve felt my performances have become very wooden …...Luckily my agent has been able to pull a few strings…

Monday, 16 April 2007

Match of the Day shock.

The BBC switchboard was jammed yesterday with calls from MotD viewers when it was revealed that the programme had been guilty of a massive confidence trick played on the viewing public.
Suspicions were raised during a recent screening of the show when the soccer pundit Scott Hansen made the same remark repeatedly, saying…. “if you make defensive errors at this level you’re gonna get punished” ....over and over again until the transmission was quickly cut and replaced with a picture of a smiling Graham Norton.
When shocked BBC technicians checked the footage, it was found that the usual soccer pundits had been replaced by puppets several months earlier and had gone unnoticed . The broadcasting scam only came to light after the repeated remarks glitch, which was attributed to faulty software .
As shocked and stunned football fans slowly come to terms with the hoax, several have commented that they knew something wasn’t right with the programme. One fan said that the colours of the faces appeared to be wrong with several of the presenters showing strange vivid orange complexions.
The BBC producer at the centre of this broadcasting storm explained that it was an attempt to reduce costs….."we have had severe budgetary restrictions since the new series of Celebrity Sex Change - and we had to make cuts somewhere. I’d have got away with it too if it hadn’t been for those pesky licence payers .….”

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