Monday, 1 June 2009

Art For Art's why a blank screen ?

Not much happening at the moment at CAFC so here's a picture of some recent trouble down the local gym when the over-use of steroids caused problems in the dressing rooms.
Wyn's recent worrying blog about the Valley screen going blank for next season sounds pretty dire.It's going to be bad enough willing the team to play themselves up the table and not get sidetracked by the pigeons playing in the floodlights. Now, it looks like we won't even get the diversion of a fish on the screen. Just think folks,when the game could be shite (unlikely I know), we could be having to endure 90+ mins of 150 square metres of silicon-packed grey emptiness.
So..instead of trying to hook a big sponsor to pay for an entire home season, why not sell matchday sponsorship to anyone (fans preferred) who've got something to say or want to publicise, like a stupid joke,a Magaluf type prank, a birthday, a celebration or just their own small business or personal remark or message.
It can't cost that much to fire up the software and get some entertaining messages or graphics going for, say £250 sponsorship a match. Anything, please, to make the day more rewarding.

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