Saturday, 13 December 2008

Who said don't look back ?

Looking back is a better pastime than forward at CAFC these days. All that time, expense and effort that's been put in since the mid '90s to restore a truly great club and for what ? The prospect of Millwall being higher up the table than us ?
It's time to eat humble pie and ask Curbishley to help us out. No one knows what went on between Curbs and Muzza and the rest of the board apart from Curbs and Murray but it's time to put pride behind us and try and save the club from implosion.
I guess Curbs and his business brain brother would say forget the past and move on but I'm sure that Curbs has a piece of his heart that has Charlton tattooed on it. So Mr Murray and your supporters please make that call to the Curbishley household and ask for help. Ask for his help till the end of the season with no strings. Either side can walk away if it doesn't work. One's thing for sure. If Curbs was to walk out into the Valley, 10,000 supporters would give him a standing ovation and even if they lost 10,000 supporters wouldn't care because they would know that he can turn it around. Think about it Muzza. Right now we're in crisis and he's the man who can help us out.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

This collective FEAR. What's it all about ?

Can someone please help me with this....Up until the $700bn bailout of the U.S. banks I thought I understood what was going on. That seems to have failed and now the world's markets are in free fall.

Are the united countries of the world saying that they ALL no longer have any confidence in any of their governments ? Certainly Leadership is a very scarce commodity at the moment. People are looking for a strong leader to make sense of what is going on but instead we just see small , frightened men, seemingly out of their depth, trying to play catch-up.

Maybe the computer banks that are triggering selling should just be turned off for a few days...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

So farewell then Rick.

It was very sad to hear the other day about the death of Richard(Rick) Wright, the long time quiet keyboard player of Pink Floyd. He was always there producing some of the most harmonic and beautiful chords that set Pink Floyd apart from other bands. Listen to the Great Gig In The Sky from Dark Side Of The Moon to understand the true impact his playing and singing had on the essential and individual sound of the Floyd.

Therer are many people out there who for one reason or another never quite "got" what the Floyd were about and certainly some of their earlier stuff was quite pretentious but in the latter years with Dave Gilmour's strong and soulful guitar influence the band developed into a solid rock outfit but never losing the essential magic that made their music the soundtrack of so many early lives.

To many people under the age of 45 the Floyd are often regarded now as obsolete. Perhaps they are but their wonderfully soulful and evocative music will always be part of my time when I was starting out and for that I'm extremely grateful. So goodbye then Rick. You truly were a gentle man and a fine musician. We will miss you.

(Rick was aged 65 and died of cancer early this week. He was one of the founder members of the band .The Pink Floyd Pulse tour in 1995 filled Earls Court every night for 12 nights)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Confidential's Travels

During the summer break Confidential Rick eventually stopped sobbing over events at the Valley and took himself off with his lady-friend to explore some of the more wierd and wonderful traits of this country including an antique motor-bike rally and a steam fair with traction engines and our friend in the picture, Mr Hudspith, who has invented the steam bicycle.
He's seen here riding the machine in full steam. He originally had the extraordinary and unlikely vision of a steam bicycle back in the 1970s but then spent the next ten years learning about engineering, welding and brazing etc. because he had no formal training. Eventually in the 1980s the bike started to take shape and after years of development and continual changes and improvements he now has the only Hudspith Steam Bicycle in existence and rides it at steam rallies all over Europe. Apparently he's very big in Germany and Denmark so draw your own conclusions.....
Mr Hudspith is British to the core. This traditional, slightly eccentric British inventor of yesteryear has made an intricate,beautifully designed and built machine - even if Health & Safety would no doubt have a seizure with it's calibrated fuel mixtures of petrol and paraffin - and while the rest of us sit in our sat-naved motorised euro-boxes , he's out there steaming and whistling along with his own personal achievement. He's also invented a Steam Gramophone ! (not sure if it takes CDs though).

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Legends - Is It Curtains ?

Well it's actually the blinds that are Confidential's latest beef. Let me explain. For those unfortunate souls who have never had the Legends experience, let me paint a picture. The Legends restaurant is situated inside the new North Stand with large plate glass windows providing a glorious vista overlooking a sea of modern bright red football stadia and the lush greensward of the Valley pitch, which on a sunny matchday afternoon, must gladden every Addick's heart. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is warm and convivial with fans enjoying excellent food and drink with great service.
(In fact it's rumoured by some of my fellow bloggers that certain people have been known to take advantage of this fantastic and very reasonably priced hospitality and NOT STAY TO WATCH THE MATCH !)
Imagine if you will the scenario during a Legends lunch. Surrounded by excellent company, food is being savoured, drinks are being quaffed and the truth is being embroidered on many a table. Towards the end of the meal Fine Wines and Belgian Chocolates are being enjoyed, when out of the corner of one's eye, a stealthy movement is detected as a mysterious squad of shadowy figures move among the diners and slowly proceed to blot out what is probably the best view in SE7. Yes folks these sadistic operatives are closing the blinds on the view of our beloved Valley. Why is this ? Is it to save the embarrassment of the people enjoying themselves in Legends from the poor unfortunate lower orders in their cramped plastic seats ? Or perhaps like a Dickens novel, some of the luckier ones outside have been able to press their noses against the warmth of the Legend windows ?
Of course the real reason is to get people out of the restaurant and into their seats in an orderly fashion, but it's a shame we can't sometimes enjoy the game, drink in hand, from the Legend windows .
And while we're at it, how about changing the name to Lennie's ?

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Two Worlds

Police were called to Sparrows Lane the other day to eject a shambling and incoherent red wine drinker found in the fertiliser shed. The bedraggled figure was believed to be a Mr A. Curbishley. When challenged by a groundsman Mr Curbishley is reported as saying that he just "wanted to be left alone to think about life....". It's understood that Mr Curbishley used to be in the employment of CAFC during the so called "glory years".

A friend of Confidential's was belly-aching the other day about the price of petrol and the useless state of Charlton, the housing market, the UK in general, when another one of the group piped up and said he'd won the Lottery. When asked to expand, he pointed out that he had had the best ever odds to have been born is this country. He went on to say that the odds on having been born in Britain instead of Dafur ,or elswhere in Africa - where children are often chopped up with machetes for fun - or Iraq, or any of the hundreds of other war torn countries around the world, where people grovel on the ground for the sort of food that we put out on our garden bird-tables, are millions to one.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Keeping Ketts Happy

Confidential was shocked to find out recently that certain sections of the blogging fraternity were critical of his output levels. Speaking to him the other day via satellite phone at his remote Arizona desert retreat he sounded like a broken man. His speaking voice was slurred and breathing heavy as he rounded on his so-called "fans" accusing them of being "turncoats" and "fair weather fans" and not supporting the output even though it's been patchy. Just before the shaky voice faded from the phone line he was heard to say that "this was the time to get behind the blog and give your full support ...."

With nothing particularly significant happening at CAFC at the moment, Confidential has been reading up from and excellent articles about Obama's successful run for the Democrats.

One thing that was not mentioned ( maybe because people don't want to even think about it) is the possibility of Obama being the subject of an assassination. In America there is still a high degree of inbuilt racism in many parts of the country and the history for U.S black leaders is not good. Maybe the fact that Obama is of mixed-race precludes him from the full ire of the rabid good 'ol boys. I hope so. The alternative is too frightening to consider.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

C'mon 'Arry - SMILE!

Contrary to some other blogs old Confidential quite enjoyed the FA Cup match. Actually I more than enjoyed it, I thought it was a blast... At last here were two real teams with real identities battling it out for something that mattered to them. A real credit to the two managers, both coming from difficult years but still producing the best (with the exception of Big-Shorts of course. What WAS all that bullshit about, while the fat one steered his ocean going present from Charlton down the river surrounded by roadies.. ?)...and a good day out for all concerned.

So c'mon 'Arry give us a smile, you've cracked it. You've got Portsmouth the cup for the first time since 1939 and what better addition to the old HR CV. Admittedly you and old Tony Adnams do come across as the Odd Couple but so what ? Between the two of you you've been able to get the best out of your players by understanding what they need and both being excellent and perspective human beings where spirituality and family come first.

How good to see a modest success at this human level, in this increasingly materialistic, all gloss-no content and bloody boring, media driven circus we find ourselves living in.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Shambles !

It's a good word isn't it ?... Shambles.... it says everything about our recent season, the one we thought was going to lift us straight back into the top flight.

Well, it didn't work, did it ?...For one reason or another, we're back for another season with the "Must Try Harder Gang" and more importantly, the Must Try Harder Manager (that's you by the way Pardew !). There's no reason on earth why we can't get back into the top flight. We know we can do it. We were in the Premiership for enough seasons to know what's required of us , so let's do it.... Pardew, you've had the backing. You've had the money... (More than Curbishley had) .....SO MANAGE.

Friday, 25 April 2008

That's It Then

Well then that's about it then eh ? Confidential was greasing the cats arse the other day when it finally dawned on him, and me, that we have been living through the Golden Years of Charlton Athletic and we didn't even realise...

Those halcyon days watching Beckham taking corners at OUR ground just before we capitulated to the standard late Man U 0-1 winner are things of the past now. No more Premiership dandies for us then, just a constant slog to stay in Tier two. And to think we used to be critical of Alan Curbishley and our mid-table Premiership mediocrity..sorry Curbs, I guess we just got complacent.

If anybody wants me, I'm off down the off-licence with Blackheath Addicted for another bottle of French Red followed by some vintage Leonard Cohen.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

See You All At Wembley Then ?

Looks like Lita's got what it takes to save Pardew and our faith in football and the club....
The date is already in the calender . Looking forward to the Grand Saturday coach ride up to the Wembley park and watching the game of the season, maybe the decade...So ...c'mon CAFC... please... " feet don't fail me now"... (as a great band once said).

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Man Gets Frisky With Inanimate Object

This has NOTHING to do with the current situation at CAFC (big sigh of relief ..) but a lot to do with where we as the human race are heading. This link is courtesy of Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. And it's necessary to turn on the speakers to hear the video and policeman on this one .

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What.. Me Worry ?

I don't of course. It's that bloody Confidential bloke who keeps getting in touch, whining away about CAFC. He seems to think there's some sort of problem down at SE7. Something about not winning games and a senior member of the board jumping ship. I have to agree that the boring old Premiership mid-table mediocrity we used to moan about looks a pretty good place to be right now... and yet, if you read any of the current West Ham blogs they're all full of Hamster fans moaning about exactly that !! If

Where did it all go wrong ? We seem to be falling away rapidly and staring down into the abyss of who knows what. Permanent Championship football ? or worse...Luton ? Cambridge ? Oxford ?

Thing is, we were in the Premiership for years. We know we can hack it there. It may not have always been exciting but it usually filled most of the 27,000 seats at the Valley AND we got a chance to gently abuse the visiting stars...

A few more seasons in the Championship, or worse, and there'll be plenty of seats to choose from on match days.

Monday, 4 February 2008

How Come ?

With the most important game of the season looming, Confidential has a question. How come in the Lennie Lawrence days ( incidentaly Reg, that guy has never been given the RECOGNITION HE DESERVES for saving our club ), when we had NO GROUND, he and the team were able to get us promoted to the First Division (i.e the Premiereship). I repeat, we were heading nowhere fast. We had to rent-a-pitch for our games for goodness sakes. We were penniless. We didn't have a pot to piss in, but we played games wherever we could and got the points and got promotion to the top table elite.
Imagine the situation today if we had no stadium and had to rent somewhere .Well we haven't. We've got a fantastic stadium, the best in South London, The Valley. We've got no excuses either.

Bloggers Block - Day 56

OK a determined effort today. What about Scunthorpe eh ? Nah.. too depressing. Palace on Friday..err..maybe. Then there's that global warming eh ?, what about carbon footprints ?... err.. no... Well, there's the U.S. government's involvement in regime changes around the world ?...nah. The human being's unique ability amongst the animal kingdom to destroy itself what?

Now here's a good one. Smoking.

Up the pub the other day, just before the smokers went outside to face freezing temperatures for their nicotine fixes, one of the blokes said that everywhere in the UK including private clubs, smoking is now banned with one exception, the Houses of Parliament. Yep that's what he said. Smoking is allowed in some bars in the Palace of Westminster. Now Confidential doesn't know if this is true or an urban legend. He doesn't get out much these days and certainly not to such exaulted locations...BUT can this is true ? If so it's the most appalling piece of hypocracy from our leaders.

Monday, 28 January 2008

A Legend In My Living Room

A strange start to the week for all us bloggers and blogging smart arses. Something's missing, something's different. What is it ? I know what it is ...there's no Frankie. No Mr Grumpy Bollox to re-align yourself with. No apprentice Victor Meldrew of the web, masquerading as a Charlton supporter....Looking at his last blog he talks about those tapping folk in the spare room, on the train, typing away hoping someone will be arsed enough to read any of their well intentioned tosh. Well Frankie ..about 1,000 people a day could be arsed to read what you had to say, and made a point of it. C'mon back out of your shell. If it's pressure that's made you stop, you don't have to do it everyday. It could be like Alistair Cook's weekly letter from America. We just need that fix...

Shame you couldn't have been famous though like that Confidential bloke.. Since you have stopped, Confidential's traffic has gone way through the roof. He's now getting invited to First Nights and Premieres. Pestered for interviews from all the cool mags. Photo shoots for Readers Husbands, that sort of thing. All in his own living room too.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Bloggers Block - Day 10....Man Overboard !

The heat was still oppressive. The boat was still lying idle. My Golden Skinned Lover had long gone. She just dived gracefully overboard (think Arc of a Diver) out of Sheer Boredom. She said something about how the company sucked.... ehh?...what's all that about ?

The rest of the crew (who up to this moment had ceased to exist) wandered aimlessly around deck muttering to themselves. Then the news.....Captain sick....Cap'ns dead. Captain F. Valley has contracted a nasty and extreme dose of Nora Battey Virus and has succumbed horribly.

So it's FV RIP. You and your unique slant on life will be missed greatly. Maybe we can all meet up for the Party on the other side of the universe when Charlton get promoted in May ?

Monday, 21 January 2008

Blogger's Block- Day 5. Dead Calm

The boat is motionless. The sea is like glass. The heat almost unbearable. But this afternoon sun feels so very,very good, deep in the bones. My lover climbs lazily out of the water from her swim and slips out of her wet bikini. I fix her a long drink as she takes up position on the varnished deck. She reaches down for a towel and gently dries herself. I take a drink and watch as she slowly stretches out and lets the sun dry her golden skin.
Hello....who's this nutter coming up in the rowing boat ?

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Nothing To Say

Confidential couldn't think of much to say here's a nice picture!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A New League !

Well, old Confidential has cracked it ! All this recent talk about football losing it's roots,.. it's true. Just a cynical plaything for squillionairs etc.etc.. There was none of that down the Valley last Saturday was there?. A day to rejoice. A day when football won against the odds. Blackpool should be twined with Charlton, we share a common interest.

OK folks here it is. Forget the Premiereship. Forget the Championship. Forget the Whatevermanship. Let's have a new approach. Let's make the Game The King. Let's have a new league . A league where the players play for the love of the game. where fans go to see the skills of the player and a team controlling the ball, not the cynical "gamesmanship" and ref baiting. It could happen. Maybe it's time for an "alternative" league, where football rules. Miles away from the hoofers and yobbos we're all tired of.

Nurse..until it happens, more medication please.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Pirates of North Eurasia

Poor old Gordon. You wanted the job so much and it's all gone a bit wrong hasn't it ? Well Gordon me old mate ..take it from one who knows..Your heart ( and maybe your soul) are in the right place but you have to understand we live in a world where instant judgements are everything and right now you're not cutting the mustard. That's not to say old matey "Dave" Cameron is fairing any better. Look at that hair. Talk about vanity, it's getting darker every time we see him. Is he turning Japanese ?
No the answer for you Gordon is - as a wag on the radio (the guy who's on Mock the Week) said- play to your strengths. Forget about image and wear the eye patch.
Due to an appalling piece of shit luck in your youth, you are disfigured and blind in one eye. So , wear the eye patch. It worked for Moshe citroen Diyane (or whatever his name was), he was a big big hero. You can be too. Listen, who's gonna mess with the Pirate? It'll me.
You may even get to guest in the next Johnny Depp.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Cure For Baldness

I was sitting in a trendy caff in Brighton this sunny Sunday morning, having my trendy brunch watching all those bright young good-looking Brighton things taking the air and buying their absurdly thick Sunday papers, when it suddenly dawned on me. "I'm overdue for that makeover."

Yep, old Confidential is looking decidedly very 2007 (actually more like 1967) and it's time to present a new 2008 persona to the outside world.

Reading between the lines of a well known CAFC blog (F. Valley - Fashion Icon) it's obvious to all that 2008 is going to be the year of male hair. Masses of it. On everyone. Mulletts for football heroes. Rough hairy designer stubble for Addick bloggers. Big girlie perms for Danny Mills. Massive village-people moustache for Pards etc.

Which leads on to the problem for all of us crash-helmet jobs. How to get the new 2008 hairy look without resorting to a syrup.

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Well more on the bathroom floor actually. All that surplus ear hair that we old-uns regularly have to remove with industrial shears...stop ! Leave it and let it grow and train it out of the ears, over the top of the head and hey presto! The new macho hairy look for 2008 !

Another handy hint for those trying to grow a big Magnum style moustache but lacking in follicles is to adopt the same technique with that lush nose hair. Let it grow and before long you will be seeing Magnum PI or Salvador Dali looking confidently back at you in the bathroom mirror for 2008 instead of that same old boring 2007 bloke who has looked back at you every bloody morning since time began.

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