Thursday, 12 June 2008

Two Worlds

Police were called to Sparrows Lane the other day to eject a shambling and incoherent red wine drinker found in the fertiliser shed. The bedraggled figure was believed to be a Mr A. Curbishley. When challenged by a groundsman Mr Curbishley is reported as saying that he just "wanted to be left alone to think about life....". It's understood that Mr Curbishley used to be in the employment of CAFC during the so called "glory years".

A friend of Confidential's was belly-aching the other day about the price of petrol and the useless state of Charlton, the housing market, the UK in general, when another one of the group piped up and said he'd won the Lottery. When asked to expand, he pointed out that he had had the best ever odds to have been born is this country. He went on to say that the odds on having been born in Britain instead of Dafur ,or elswhere in Africa - where children are often chopped up with machetes for fun - or Iraq, or any of the hundreds of other war torn countries around the world, where people grovel on the ground for the sort of food that we put out on our garden bird-tables, are millions to one.

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