Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Legends - Is It Curtains ?

Well it's actually the blinds that are Confidential's latest beef. Let me explain. For those unfortunate souls who have never had the Legends experience, let me paint a picture. The Legends restaurant is situated inside the new North Stand with large plate glass windows providing a glorious vista overlooking a sea of modern bright red football stadia and the lush greensward of the Valley pitch, which on a sunny matchday afternoon, must gladden every Addick's heart. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is warm and convivial with fans enjoying excellent food and drink with great service.
(In fact it's rumoured by some of my fellow bloggers that certain people have been known to take advantage of this fantastic and very reasonably priced hospitality and NOT STAY TO WATCH THE MATCH !)
Imagine if you will the scenario during a Legends lunch. Surrounded by excellent company, food is being savoured, drinks are being quaffed and the truth is being embroidered on many a table. Towards the end of the meal Fine Wines and Belgian Chocolates are being enjoyed, when out of the corner of one's eye, a stealthy movement is detected as a mysterious squad of shadowy figures move among the diners and slowly proceed to blot out what is probably the best view in SE7. Yes folks these sadistic operatives are closing the blinds on the view of our beloved Valley. Why is this ? Is it to save the embarrassment of the people enjoying themselves in Legends from the poor unfortunate lower orders in their cramped plastic seats ? Or perhaps like a Dickens novel, some of the luckier ones outside have been able to press their noses against the warmth of the Legend windows ?
Of course the real reason is to get people out of the restaurant and into their seats in an orderly fashion, but it's a shame we can't sometimes enjoy the game, drink in hand, from the Legend windows .
And while we're at it, how about changing the name to Lennie's ?


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