Thursday, 27 December 2007

Is it Christmas ??

Well, there we are folks.."another year older and deeper in debt" (Who did sing that ?).

You know me,.. old Captain Confidential keep 'em laughing !

Not much to get excited about Charlton at the moment either, still that's Charlton for you. If we were ambitious go-getting Super Supporters who Had To Win, ..then I guess we would be going North of the I'm searching for the safety of our West Stand and those lovely prawn sandwiches washed down with a particularly fine, freshly sulphited, Bulgarian Cava (yyyyeess!!). Reg tells me the 2008 vintage will be a particularly fine example...but then again, that's Salesmen for you.

Well gang...Confidential's 2008 message to all you fellow sufferers is, " make sure you av a good one, for fxcks sake " (eloquent as ever)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Is It Me?

Well,, we all had a great big,fat,. wonderful time at Legends didn't we ? ..The company was 100% fantastic especially Sam,.. whom I now love with, by the way....(especially when you put that thong on baby !)

Shame about the match though...bloody rubbish...WE HAVE TO DOMINATE THE HOME PITCH ....our ground.... the Valley - for Christs sake..!.We as fans, are ALL willing you on, and I've sat in at Upton Park, who's fans are just as quiet as us until the play gets interesting .,so don't blame the Home crowd..... We do our best for you but we want to see the same sort of comittment on the pitch..throw us a bone for God's sake.... is that too much to ask ?

I guess you don't understand .. for some of us, it's more important than football,'s our dreams....

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