Sunday, 5 August 2007

So Who Are Yerr ????

Well here it is ....I'm happy ..well sort of, but why is it when I go through the fixtures on the CAFC site I find myself reaching for the Prozac ? It's like the Championship is some sort of bare knuckle knock out fair crowd attraction, before a couple of the lucky contenders get to play with the Big-Boys up top. When you think about it, the Premiereship is only there to serve the interest of the 5 or 6 evergreen Top clubs. the rest of them and maybe us, are just cannon fodder. How depressing's that ?
As one's eyes shift miserably down the list of fixtures revealing such enticing place names - you know know who you are ! - It's about time for some of us Hooray Henrys and Champagne Charlies to come to terms with the fact we are meeting some of the toughest bastards in the beautiful game...
First game of the season ?....Scunthorpe.......Scunthorpe now there's a name to conjour with ! It's often asked who DID put the "C" in Scunthorpe. Well to be frank (who I'm not Frankie, but enjoy Camber) I don't care who put the "C" in Scunthorpe. In fact I'm quite partial to a bit meeself ! Goes down really nice.....mmm..slurp.

So forget all that terrace rousing to all those Scunners (is that the rite nickname ?) Who Are Yerr ????? Bout time us Charlton mob started asking who are we..?? ..Now we're down there with that lot. In fact as my son pointed out to me today and I quote "Yeah, Dad, not a great deal to look forward to, I think Charlton will be the biggest scalp in the division which could cause problems. ?"

Hear that warriors "the biggest scalp". He's rite you know , the Championship is a motley and ugly crew and we are the biggest scalp..who'd have thought it eh ?. Little Old Charlton.

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