Friday, 3 July 2009

Keep On Rocking In The Free World . (not CAFC related)

Perhaps there's a perceived modern negativity toward living in the past. I guess some of us of a certain age, relate more to it than others. Anyone over the age of 50 should by now be aware that they're more than half-way through their "Unique Planetary Experience" as USCorp/Disney ( might say. Certainly nostalgia currently seems to be in vogue via the media. That and a variety of news bulletins which depending on which version you prefer to watch would make you wondering if you were on the same planet. Try comparing the uncorruptable Ch4 News with Sky, or even the normally stolid BBC. Perhaps we need a Watchdog to watch the News...
Technology has successfully made old people redundant. In times past, the elders of a village were seen as wise, all knowing sources of advice for dealing with difficult decisions which needed to be made e.g when to harvest, when to intervene or council in a dispute, when to move to a new home and which axe looks best with this loincloth. (There are still many places where this is normal everyday life and they're not the ones' fuxxing up the planet!). These were all important decisions which needed the wisdom of accumulated experiences. Nowadays none of it's needed. Old folk are often seen as a general nuisance. The sons and daughters ask "what shall we do with them when they can't get upstairs". Wisdom has been rendered obsolete. Now it's all there via broadband, every second, every day. Everything you'll ever need to know about anything... 
So while we're all here Living In Paradise let's listen to the undoubted hero of Glastonbury, Mr Neil Young, singing in the free world. Oops can't paste it cos it's been removed from the BBC Ipod thing, sorry folks,but it was the best..Honestly. Time for bed and blanket bath...nurse.??

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