Sunday, 18 May 2008

C'mon 'Arry - SMILE!

Contrary to some other blogs old Confidential quite enjoyed the FA Cup match. Actually I more than enjoyed it, I thought it was a blast... At last here were two real teams with real identities battling it out for something that mattered to them. A real credit to the two managers, both coming from difficult years but still producing the best (with the exception of Big-Shorts of course. What WAS all that bullshit about, while the fat one steered his ocean going present from Charlton down the river surrounded by roadies.. ?)...and a good day out for all concerned.

So c'mon 'Arry give us a smile, you've cracked it. You've got Portsmouth the cup for the first time since 1939 and what better addition to the old HR CV. Admittedly you and old Tony Adnams do come across as the Odd Couple but so what ? Between the two of you you've been able to get the best out of your players by understanding what they need and both being excellent and perspective human beings where spirituality and family come first.

How good to see a modest success at this human level, in this increasingly materialistic, all gloss-no content and bloody boring, media driven circus we find ourselves living in.


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