Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Comb Over Regatta

The TV News said it all . As the Massed Comb Overs arrived from the FA ( what an apt name that is ) for "urgent meetings" with whoever that might be and the only person on the bench at Wembley who looked at all worried was Becks. While John Terry and the gang looked smug, as if to say..." oh well, another one bites the dust... next time you FA puppets, choose my boss so I get a big pay-rise and get to ride this gravy train a little bit longer.

Only David Beckham ( the guy who has left the scene for LA with his integrity intact) looked as if he cared. What a fix we're in.

And as if the FA can do anything about it??. ( Let's have an expensive lunch to discuss .. ) What's happened to the game and us ? Don't hold your breath waiting for the FA to sort it out..

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Blistering Attack From Valley

Charlton fans were stunned last night as they read the blisterning and vitriolic attack on our very much loved CAFC Matty Wright -( journo to every net-addick) when , out of nowhere from a certain Mr Frankie Valley came insult upon insult, heaped upon more insults about a very mild supposed slight against one of our more revered players of yesteryear, a unique slice of Danish bacon with a yellow streak.
Apparently Frankie V had the temerity to suggest that our most revered and loved Matty had overstepped a line in the sand and had introduced an element of satire into our emails from the Dressing Room. For goodness sake...before we know it there'll be humour in the matchday programs ( underpriced at £3) -Reg

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