Saturday, 28 July 2007

Another Saturday Night's TV

OK ok ..I know that by now most of you are saying " for Christs' sake Rick get yourself a Life !" and our ever present ANON friends are gearing themselves up for some more intellectual banter and amusing input ("wanker" "shit" "tosser" etc.).

BUT ..what should people of a certain age who (a) don't want to shout at each other in a bar or (b) take pictures of each other with the mobile or (c) dance in Ibiza - expect out of that big ugly box occupying valuable space in our living rooms?

Well I reckon we're being short changed. Here we are in the 21st Super Space-Age ultra Cool Anything's Possible Future and the quality of entertainment gushing from all those channels on that box is, in most part, poor quality marketing and cheap per minute reality rubbish. And the best joke is, we pay for it!. WHO WAS IT who decided that the British TV viewer has (a)the brain of a pea and (b) is obsessed by trivia and wants to die from an early death of static TV boredom ?

(FYI all you sharp eyed ANON critics, nothing to do with CAFC either)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Cut Backs Affect CAFC Music

The new economy style, fizzy-champ season starts with the Scunthorpe game and with it comes the new slim-down entertainment !

Forget opera stars and Bojrn (?)Again. It's time to get out that banjo and give the crowd what it really wants !

Old Bert has been coming to the Valley since 1905 and has been waiting for this chance to woo the fans. Give it large Bert......

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