Monday, 22 October 2007

It's a Funny Old World...

The other night, while I was busy indoors gnawing my way through something that was pronounced as Chicken Kiev fillet which was completely tasteless and bore a strong resemblance to a clapped out Vietnamese cockerel, well past it's sell-by everywhere including the local village pit, it suddenly hit me. Why am I sitting here in West Sussex, eating some pointless,tastless food that has been flown more than half way round the world in a refridgerated and probably knackered 747 ? Don't we have food in this country ?

The answer dear readers is, of course, money.

The aforesaid Chicken Kiev which was purchased from that well known supplier to the great British public, you know who you are ... You Shop.....We Make Loads of Money... has confirmed what Confidential already knew. Britain has become just one gigantic Supermarket.

(Sorry Anon.. nothing about Charlton again)

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