Monday, 10 September 2007

Monocles Rocket !

Sales of CAFC's high-performance monocles* have been soaring in the Valley Superstore since the recent news that the Great Gary L Himself was to make an appearance in the Valley before the Leicester City home game. Sorry fans didn't I tell you ? Gary's already busy. Here's the email from his agent

Rick,Unfortunately Gary is already committed on the 22nd September and unable totake on your event.Regards,Jonathan

Come on Gary ! while you're up there wining and dining with the muppetts and puppets don't forget the little guys (including your club) struggling to make it to that big greasy media savvy table . Don't ever forget your root's me old son..

* As worn and recommended by the West stand toffs. The metal frame used in the manufacture of these items is reputed to be tougher than that mined for Robin Trower's whah-whah pedals.


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