Saturday, 13 December 2008

Who said don't look back ?

Looking back is a better pastime than forward at CAFC these days. All that time, expense and effort that's been put in since the mid '90s to restore a truly great club and for what ? The prospect of Millwall being higher up the table than us ?
It's time to eat humble pie and ask Curbishley to help us out. No one knows what went on between Curbs and Muzza and the rest of the board apart from Curbs and Murray but it's time to put pride behind us and try and save the club from implosion.
I guess Curbs and his business brain brother would say forget the past and move on but I'm sure that Curbs has a piece of his heart that has Charlton tattooed on it. So Mr Murray and your supporters please make that call to the Curbishley household and ask for help. Ask for his help till the end of the season with no strings. Either side can walk away if it doesn't work. One's thing for sure. If Curbs was to walk out into the Valley, 10,000 supporters would give him a standing ovation and even if they lost 10,000 supporters wouldn't care because they would know that he can turn it around. Think about it Muzza. Right now we're in crisis and he's the man who can help us out.


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