Thursday, 5 June 2008

Keeping Ketts Happy

Confidential was shocked to find out recently that certain sections of the blogging fraternity were critical of his output levels. Speaking to him the other day via satellite phone at his remote Arizona desert retreat he sounded like a broken man. His speaking voice was slurred and breathing heavy as he rounded on his so-called "fans" accusing them of being "turncoats" and "fair weather fans" and not supporting the output even though it's been patchy. Just before the shaky voice faded from the phone line he was heard to say that "this was the time to get behind the blog and give your full support ...."

With nothing particularly significant happening at CAFC at the moment, Confidential has been reading up from and excellent articles about Obama's successful run for the Democrats.

One thing that was not mentioned ( maybe because people don't want to even think about it) is the possibility of Obama being the subject of an assassination. In America there is still a high degree of inbuilt racism in many parts of the country and the history for U.S black leaders is not good. Maybe the fact that Obama is of mixed-race precludes him from the full ire of the rabid good 'ol boys. I hope so. The alternative is too frightening to consider.

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