Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Bloggers Block - Day 10....Man Overboard !

The heat was still oppressive. The boat was still lying idle. My Golden Skinned Lover had long gone. She just dived gracefully overboard (think Arc of a Diver) out of Sheer Boredom. She said something about how the company sucked.... ehh?...what's all that about ?

The rest of the crew (who up to this moment had ceased to exist) wandered aimlessly around deck muttering to themselves. Then the news.....Captain sick....Cap'ns dead. Captain F. Valley has contracted a nasty and extreme dose of Nora Battey Virus and has succumbed horribly.

So it's FV RIP. You and your unique slant on life will be missed greatly. Maybe we can all meet up for the Party on the other side of the universe when Charlton get promoted in May ?

Monday, 21 January 2008

Blogger's Block- Day 5. Dead Calm

The boat is motionless. The sea is like glass. The heat almost unbearable. But this afternoon sun feels so very,very good, deep in the bones. My lover climbs lazily out of the water from her swim and slips out of her wet bikini. I fix her a long drink as she takes up position on the varnished deck. She reaches down for a towel and gently dries herself. I take a drink and watch as she slowly stretches out and lets the sun dry her golden skin.
Hello....who's this nutter coming up in the rowing boat ?

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