Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What.. Me Worry ?

I don't of course. It's that bloody Confidential bloke who keeps getting in touch, whining away about CAFC. He seems to think there's some sort of problem down at SE7. Something about not winning games and a senior member of the board jumping ship. I have to agree that the boring old Premiership mid-table mediocrity we used to moan about looks a pretty good place to be right now... and yet, if you read any of the current West Ham blogs they're all full of Hamster fans moaning about exactly that !! If only...eh?

Where did it all go wrong ? We seem to be falling away rapidly and staring down into the abyss of who knows what. Permanent Championship football ? or worse...Luton ? Cambridge ? Oxford ?

Thing is, we were in the Premiership for years. We know we can hack it there. It may not have always been exciting but it usually filled most of the 27,000 seats at the Valley AND we got a chance to gently abuse the visiting stars...

A few more seasons in the Championship, or worse, and there'll be plenty of seats to choose from on match days.


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