Friday, 25 April 2008

That's It Then

Well then that's about it then eh ? Confidential was greasing the cats arse the other day when it finally dawned on him, and me, that we have been living through the Golden Years of Charlton Athletic and we didn't even realise...

Those halcyon days watching Beckham taking corners at OUR ground just before we capitulated to the standard late Man U 0-1 winner are things of the past now. No more Premiership dandies for us then, just a constant slog to stay in Tier two. And to think we used to be critical of Alan Curbishley and our mid-table Premiership mediocrity..sorry Curbs, I guess we just got complacent.

If anybody wants me, I'm off down the off-licence with Blackheath Addicted for another bottle of French Red followed by some vintage Leonard Cohen.


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