Saturday, 18 August 2007

Never mind, it's only Stoke.

Well guys we never thought it would be that easy did we ? Bloody annoying though, especially when we see Gentleman Darren scoring for the spuds. As a diversion check this IMovie out Found it on the Dilbert Cartoon site so it's kosher and won't blow up your software (yet...) .Yes it's another conspiracy stream of concienceness but it's great fun.

Actually it's all been figured out by yours truly. It IS a Conspiracy.... A Conspiracy by the Big 3 computer manufacturers to get us to dig deep and buy some new computers...!
(Just seen the Typhoon Euro fighter blasting the sky at Eastbourne Airborne. Wouldn't want to be a Tin-Pot Dictator with that thing heading my way )

Monday, 13 August 2007

Some Things Never Change - The Two Old Farts - A Brand New Season in the Upper North.

The Two Old Farts are based on - well two old farts - who manage to bring everyone down around them and never know when to shut up. The scenario below comes from last season but it won't be long ...

Look at 'em lazy sods ! I paid good money for this.. You’re not fit to wear the shirt…What do you reckon Stats, that mid-fielder looks rubbish to me eh? …I can’t see that new bloke scoring in a month of Sundays….yeah we’re stuck here all right…..”

[At the end of the first-half..]
“Booo….you’re rubbish ….this manager should resign…the whole team is a disgrace…the Chairman should resign…..the bar staff should resign...Sparrows Lane ground staff should resign... Last time I ever come here Walt…what about you ? ….I‘m tearing up my season ticket ..(Muffled cheers from the seats around them) …not wasting my time here anymore…!

[At the end of the game - Charlton win ]

“Should have won 5-0.… they were lucky to win at all if you ask me…...Still staying down though….lucky the other lot were rubbish eh?…see you next game then, can’t wait“.

At this point a crazed Addick from the seat in front of them, unable to take any more, turns round to the two whingers and with wild eyes and flecks of spit around his mouth, yells a string of home truths at the two men and is promptly seized by the Stewards and banned for the rest of the season.

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