Friday, 29 May 2009

We're In Disneyland !!

Yep, that's right folks! ... here we are living officially in Paradise.....I've just seen it on the telly that nice young man from the UKIP party has been telling me all about it.
Y'see the reason this country's shite is because they're too many of us and the rest of the EU, that's Europe for you people that went to school, is soo desperate to get aboard the UK gravy train.... Well let me tell you something chummies. It ain't no picnic here friend, take my word for it. Everybody's on the take, except for those poor fxxkers who have to pay, and keep paying to keep the whole rotten barge floating down the Thames, out to the North Sea on a tide of effluent...Viva la revolution !!!
Joking apart ..old Ray Davies looked good tonight on the telly...great to relive those moments.My personal teenage Kinks moment was seeing them in full hunting regalia at the old Eltham Baths SE9 ( with,of course floorboards covering the water - it wasn't THAT warm in 60's Eltham!). Then, after another warming tincture over the road in the White Hart, gingerly walking back, across the traffic on a much less busy Eltham Hill. Back to try and Pull!!


Ketts said...

Brilliant as always Rick,great to have you back on a more regular basis.

charlton north-downs said...

Had me laughing Confidential -Good one.


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