Saturday, 13 June 2009

Confidential's Feminine Side

A sad day here at Confidential Towers. I'm immensly fortunate and with hard work,lucky to live near one of Sussex's most lovely rivers.Every day the river goes past and shows new things, new life. Nature at it's best.For a while now I've been following the daily antics of the Swan family. I think as a couple they've only just started so they're making loads of mistakes, but hey, show me a Swan who hasn't....Anyhow, yesterday this new dozy Swan family set up afternoon quarters on the lovely grassy bank with family of five very young cygnets. Unfortunately the aforsaid bank is also a footpath so it wasn't too long before "homo-sapiens" had to make an appearance and despite Mum Swan's desparate flapping and hissing it was a stand off. You may ask where's Dad Swan ? At this significant make or break time for the family,Dad Swan had decided to go off for his evening swim...typical!.
The homo-sapiens sort of won, mainly because they had two small dogs, armfulls of shopping and no idea how to take on a rabid Swan that was protecting her children and therefore out for their blood.The upshot of this was that the mother and five baby cygnets had to tumble and fall into the river for safety despite the fact that the tide had nearly gone out and there was a 10ft drop down the riverbank to the safety of water.
Today again, the swan family went majestically past but with one less.Instead of five cygnets, only four were still with us.During the night Mum had lost one of the family to something.Possibly a predator or maybe it was injured in the fall.
Re CAFC Looking forward to the 23rd June. Hope your're rite about the news Ketts.


Ketts said...

Sad story & one that will bring a tear to the eye of the soon-to-be-in-Turkey Sam.

We'll have to wait & see about the 23rd Rick,it could happen but we have heard it all before of course.

If the day comes & goes without any news the subsequent wait could be a long one.

Great to have you back on a regular basis.Now if we can just re-activate CND...

Confidential Rick said...

I detect weasel words.You're not wavering on the 23rd are you Ketts?
You are after all, Our Man In The Know.

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